Our Story

Little Peep was born through the experience of a mother with entrepreneurial blood in her veins! The desire to spend more time with her daughter encouraged her to look for different ways of working from home! It was along this maternal journey that she realized that she could combine natural entrepreneurship with the happiness of being a mother.

That's how Little Peep came about! A company that brings a new look to the children's universe. With a vast catalog of products that will facilitate and help the daily life of moms. Products selected to accompany and help in the growth of the little ones.

We know how challenging the routine of dads and moms can be, that's why we bring you carefully selected products, always valuing quality and agility in delivery.
Today we have ‘amazon.com’ as our main sales partner, which we are highlighted in customer satisfaction.

Our website is easy to navigate, you can quickly make your purchase without leaving home! And if any doubt arises, our team will be aligned and ready to help you immediately.