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LittlePeep Air Fryer Silicone Pot, 2 Pack Reusable

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  • Our silicone airfryer liners are made of incredibly robust, food-grade silicone. It is a useful accessory for ovens and inhibits airflow. It is designed to suit air fryers in a good way and will keep your food hot.
  • This silicone air fryer liner is ideal for sliding appliances including pressure cookers, coffee makers, mixers, and more. A spherical silicon air fryer mat with holes can be used alone or in conjunction to filter food fat.
  • With the aid of handles on both sides, you can simply move your meal into a plate or bowl using a silicone pad for an air fryer. It prevents the scorching of your fingers. The more you can utilize it, the less water you will need to use to clean it. baking pan made of silicone. It prevents the scorching of your fingers. You will be able to utilize it more and more as you need less water to clean it.
  • Simply flip our silicone air fryer basket inside-out and wash it with warm water because it is so supple and flexible. It keeps the air fryer basket clear of grease and food residue without affecting the quality. No more cleaning the air fryer basket. It is entirely dishwasher safe, letting you stay away from the hassle.
  • The silicone air fryer is a fantastic and frequently used kitchen item that can be used with a toaster, steamer, oven, instant pot, etc. You can offer your friends and family this air fryer silicone pot as a gift to use with their toaster, steamer, oven, instant pot, microwave, etc. You can present these silicone air fryer liners as gifts to your family, friends, and culinary enthusiasts on special occasions like Mother's Day and birthdays.

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